Tips of the ringlock scaffolds for its advantages in real application.

Time: 2019-04-09
The ringlock scaffolds advantages is easy to learn:
The multiple functions. The scaffoldings can be used in many kinds of construction projects according to the real functions of different kinds of steel tubes ;
But there are also some requirements on how to building the ringlock scaffold. The first one is to build the foundation on any solid without any ramps orladder shaped land.

The second one is to build the standing tubes in the ringlock scaffolding system shall be extended for its length according to the 600mm modulus. It feasibility can make it available in various kinds of construction projects. It can help to prevent any loss of the scaffolding elements missing or damaging. This scaffolding is easy in installation and dismantlement with a speed 4-8 times faster than that the erection speed of the coupler scaffoldings. The using of this can help to reduce the working time and delivering cost and to lower the overall construction cost.

This kind of ringlock scaffold can be used in the airport, the bridging, the subway, the viaduct, the power plant, the oil refinery and the road construction. 

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