The installation of stainless steel tube press-fitting joints.

Time: 2019-04-08
There are round shapes of seals in the U grooves at the ends of the stainless steel tube pressing joints. For the installation, the stainless steel tubes  will be inserted into the fittings and the ends of the fittings will be clamped by the specialized clamps to shrink the stainless water pipes and the tubes  ends at the same time (hexagon on the surface with bigger externals and smaller internals). Thus can meet the requirements on both the strength and tightness.

The press-fitting tubes will be assembled at the construction sites; the surface mounted tubes will be set alongside the wall with an addition of a clamp of 22%o-3%o. There will also be standing tubes alongside the ramp and the water distribution points. The bracing tubes will be fastened by the plastic  tube precised double coupler to the wall. The plastic tube precised double coupler has better be set at the location about 40-80mm away from the scaffolding elements.

The bracing tubes shall be tested for water pressure bearing capacity and the testing pressure and the testing method shall be the same as the testing way in the try tubes. 

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