Tips for the erection of the scaffoldings with couplers.

Time: 2019-04-08
The basic requirements for the erection of scaffolding with couplers include the necessity of setting the horizontal tubes at the crossing points of the longitudinal tubes and the standing tubes and the horizontal tubes shall be fastened to the longitudinal tubes. There shall be base plates or backing plates at the bottom of the standing tubes. What’s more, the whole frame shall be set with supporting braces and tie members to make sure the stability and integrity of the whole scaffolding structure.

For the out scaffolding erection, the frame shall be erected around the building body and if not permitted by the condition, there shall be set a zigzag brace and tying points at the bottom for the sake of strengthening. The single line scaffolding is not permitted to be used in the scaffoldings whose heights are over 20m, instead the two lines scaffolding shall be adopted. The standing tubes shall be connected by couplers with high quality such as the anti-skid scaffolding couplers with a minimum deviation of displacement between the connecting joints of two adjacent standing tubes of 500mm.

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