Tips for the erection of the scaffolding with couplers.

Time: 2019-04-04
The coupler scaffoldings can be used in all kinds of horizontal and vertical constructions as they are with large bearing capacity, easy to be erected or removed and with flexibility in the framing work. They are also featured as being convenient in the construction with high safety ratio.

Generally speaking, the scaffoldings are made up with standing beams, transverse and longitudinal tubes, a spacious structure. All the center joints of the scaffolding shall be set with standing tubes, horizontal and vertical tubes. There are many kinds of scaffolding couplers used in the scaffolding system, including the single coupler, whose torque force shall be ranged from 40NM to 60NM to make sure all the joints of the scaffoldings will have enough rigidity and load delivering capacity.

What’s more, the sufficient tie members shall be displayed between the buildings and the scaffoldings in an even way to provide enough dragging force in the lateral side of the building to avoid the scaffolding from losing its stability or being turned over. On the other hand, such elements can also help the scaffolding to deliver the wind load.

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