How to keep the stability of the frame scaffolding structure

Time: 2019-04-03
Both the inside and outside of the frame scaffolding shall set crossing braces and their sizes shall match the frame scaffolding space. The crossing braces shall be locked tightly to the scaffolding frames. Installation of tie members: for the frame height lower than 45m and perpendicular rate lower than 6m, set one tie member every two stories; for the story height 45-60m, and perpendicular rate less than 4m, and the horizontal rate lower than 6m, the installation of the crossing brace shall meet requirements and regulations.

Installation of flat tubes:set one tube every two lifts of frame scaffolding for the frame height lower than 45m and for the frame height of 45-60m, set one tube in each lift.
the tie members shall make full use of their rigidity method with a load bearing capacity of no smaller than 10KN. Add tie members to both ends of the I shape scaffoldings or those which are not totally closed.

How to set the diagonal bridging.
For the scaffolding height over 20m, shall set the diagonal bridging outside the scaffolding h frame every 5 spans.

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