Tips for erecting the frame scaffolds and formworks.

Time: 2019-04-02
When erecting or dismantling the frame scaffold bodies, the working platform shall be fully planked and the working area for the working staff shall be temporarily erected. All the builders shall wear protective equipments and anti-slipping shoes.

It is forbidden for the frame scaffold and the formworks to bear overdue working load. And the cross bracings and the reinforced tubes between the full scaffolds and the formworks shall not be dismantled during the construction period. All the formwork braces, the hawser cables, the concrete soil pumps, and the download platforms of working material shall not be fixed to the frame scaffold. During the application of the frame scaffoldings, it is forbidden to dismantle any reinforced tubes including the hot dip galvanised steel, tie members, connecting braces at the corner and the diagonal tubes at the passage way.

The erecting and dismantling work of the frame scaffolding or the formwork shall be lined with alarming boundaries and the warning notice to avoid any non-working staff from entering. The working area shall be watched and monitored by special assigned staffs.

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