How to design the bridging braces and the transverse tubes?

Time: 2019-04-01
The bridging braces can be used to strengthen the entire rigidity and space function of the whole scaffolding structures, connecting the whole longitudinal plan of the scaffolding into an integrated geometric system to make sure the stability of the whole scaffolding body. Among all the tube and clamp scaffolding systems, the load bearing capacity of the standing tubes with bridging braces is 10% higher than that of the standing tubes without the bridging braces. Due to the diagonal tubes of the transverse horizontal tubes is a little longer, if diagonal tube is not fastened to the standing tubes which it is crossed or to the protruding end of the transverse tubes, the diagonal tubes will lose its stability due to the lack of rigidity.

So the length and diameter ratio of being less than 205 shall be taken into consideration when doing the design and construction. The transverse tubes can raise the transverse rigidity and the entire stability of the scaffolding frames. The intermediate load bearing capacity of the scaffolding system with transverse tubes can be 15% higher than that of the system without that tube. During the construction process, the scaffolding lacking the bridging braces and the transverse tubes will be a fatal cause depriving the scaffolding system of its stale load bearing capacity.

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