How to calculate the working area of the movable scaffolds?

Time: 2019-03-29
The moveable scaffolding consists of three parts, the working platform, the transverse structure and the longitudinal structure. The working platform bears the working load directly and then delivered it to the small transverse tubes.

The galvanized square tube including the big transverse tubes and the standing tubes, is the last tube elements to bear the working load. The transverse tubes is made up of standing tubes and the small transverse tubes, the parts which can bear the working load and deliver the working load. As for the calculation of the actual scaffolding area, it takes great discretions and cares for it belongs to an issue regarding details.

As for the addition of diagonal tubes between two standing tubes, the calculation length of standing tubes shall be equal to the space between the standing tube joints. If there is no diagonal tube between, the calculation length shall be equal to the vertical space between the tie members. 

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