The right way to calculate the frame scaffoldings

Time: 2019-03-28
The design of the frame scaffoldings and the formwork bracing shall be subject to the construction forms, the working loads, the ground soil kinds, the construction equipments, the elements and accessories o the frame scaffoldings and the construction operations.

So the calculation of it shall include such items as follows:
The height and stability ratio of the frame scaffolding such as the h frame scaffolding system, the strength and rigidity of the scaffolding plank and the strength, rigidity and the connection strength of the tie members.
The stability ratio of the formwork bracing.
The bearing capacity of the working load on the frame scaffoldings and the formwork frame standing tubes.
The hanging and supporting structure of the cantilevered scaffolding and its anchoring connection.
The anti-overturning capacity if needed for the full scaffolding and the formwork bracing.

According to the calculation results, we can infer whether or not the frame scaffolding can sustain all the working loads with enough strength and rigidity. And all the structure of the frame scaffold shall be simple in the forms, which can be easy to be installed and adopted as well as to be maintained.

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