About the safety techniques for the frame scaffolding.

Time: 2019-03-28
The erection, dismantlement and the application of the frame scaffold shall comply with the requirements and awarenesses:

The frame scaffoldings, including the galvanized frame scaffolding, shall be inspected and checked by part to see if there are any deformations, damages or erosions on the frames or on their accessories. All the erection procedures shall be conducted according to the details which are already well planned in the design. If the erection height is over 45, the measures to check and reinforcement shall be conducted and carried out by qualified staffs. 

The requirements on the perpendicularity and horizontality of the frame scaffolding are much higher than that of the coupler scaffolding. So during the erection process, there shall be regular check and inspection of them as well as in the dismantlement and application procedures. Make right record of the checking results accordingly. If there is any deviation or mistake found, take timely analysis for the search of the reasons and then make improvement and refurbishment. Special attention shall be paid to the quality of the scaffolding construction foundation to avoid any even sink of the ground.

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