How to strengthen the whole frame scaffolding structure?

Time: 2019-03-28
In order to meet the operation requirement, the scaffolding frame system part close the wall body shall be installed a triangle frame to plank the scaffolding board. Pay attention to the horizontal level when install the triangular frame.

The horizontal reinforced braces and the crossed reinforced braces and tubes shall be added to the whole frame scaffolding body to strengthen the entire rigidity of the scaffolding system. Both the horizontal reinforced braces and the crossed reinforced tubes shall be steel tubes and they shall be tied to the standing tubes of the frame scaffolding with couplers. And the angle between the cross reinforced tubes and the standing tubes shall be 45.

For the frame scaffolding whose height is over 10 lifts, the transverse diagonal braces shall be set every 5 frames and the diagonal braces shall be connected to the tie members between 8-11 lifts to strengthen the fixation of the frame scaffolding in the transverse way.

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