The application of frame scaffolding in the world.

Time: 2019-03-27
There are more than 450 factories of frame scaffoldings in Japanese while there are only 2-3 manufactures of steel formworks there. Why is there such huge gap in the total number?

Due to the features of being easy to erect and dismantle, the frame scaffoldings are with sound reputations in the peer market. The Japanese attach great importance to the safety use of scaffolding in the construction projects; the frame scaffold comes with the top priority in the application ratio, accounting for almost 50% in the market. The frame scaffolding systems are equipped with different types of steel walking board and steel props to meet different project requirements, providing sound working environment and safety assurance.

Around the scaffolding there shall be set with dense handrails and nets and there shall be no gaps between the scaffolding planks joints so that any accidents of fall to hit can be avoid. It is reported that in recently 10 years, there is not any scaffolding accidents happened. 

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