Big catastrophe of distinction caused by over cutting of red wood.

Time: 2019-03-27
As is known to us all that the wood plank is much cheaper than the aluminum scaffold boards, and the former one is widely used in any big or small construction projects. 

However, with the successively cutting of them, the species is becoming less and less that it needs more working force and material cost to find them and transport them out. In order to chase for the maximum profit, people usually don’t mind to burn down an entire tree forest. Under the urge for high profit, bundles of precious red wood is being cut down one after another year by year. More of the original forest has been over exploited, endangering many animals on the verge of extinction. And here we shall appeal to the whole world to stop cutting down trees and break our living environment ever since.

Using scaffolding planks made of steel or aluminum instead of wood or timer ever since. 

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