Some tips on formwork steel props from TIANDI

Time: 2019-03-26
The steel props have the same role as the aluminum walk board in the scaffolding system, which can be used in the building construction and subways and the props used in the subway have some special features that other devices do not have such as the technical index, the loading bearing analysis and the operation on site. It is a brand new props that have been recently developed and designed.

There are three parts in the subway steel props: the steel props, the fixed ends and the flexible ends and its adjustable props can also be used in the bridging construction, the tunnels and the large and small scale hydrogen projects. Why are they so widely available in so many kinds of projects?

Because they are reasonably designed with higher safety ratios. And the erection and dismantlement of them are quite easy and facile. In such way the construction cost can be leveled down to a large extent for the contractors. 

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