Most common issues for the manufacturing of scaffolding

Time: 2019-03-26
Scaffolding is an essential instrument in the building construction projects, which can be divided into different kinds: coupler scaffoldings, frame scaffoldings, cuplock scaffoldings, aluminum scaffoldings, and safety steel plank and ringlock scaffoldings. The kinds hereto above are the most frequently used in the construction. However, there are many problems and issues the scaffoldings are apt to have such as the design issues.

Then what are the most optimized methods to solve such issues?

There shall be a good master of the heavy duty scaffoldings. Generally speaking, if the scaffolding planks are more than 300 in its thickness, the scaffolding shall be designed to be the heavy duty kind and if the working load of the scaffolding is more than 15KN/square meter, the design details shall be discussed by professionals. The center line of the upmost horizontal braces to the formwork supporting point shall not be too long and it is better to be shorter than 400mm. when calculating the standing tubes, the upmost and downside lift bear the biggest working load, which shall be paid with the most attention when calculating. If the working load can not meet the requirements, the measures shall be taken to increase the number of the standing tubes as well s to minimize the transverse and longitudinal distance. 

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