TIANDI Tubular Scaffolding for Sale

Time: 2019-03-26
TIANDI Tubular Scaffolding for Sale
TIANDI Group is one of the leading professional world class scaffolding manufacturers in China, providing such services as scaffolding research and development, scaffolding manufacture, scaffolding sales and installation to the global market. Its major products include the  scaffolding steel planks,  ringlock scaffolding system,  frame scaffolding system,  steel acrow props and adjustable screw jack system.
The tubular scaffolding products provided by TIANDI GROUP are with the same standard over its dimension with a sound load bearing capacity. All of the structures are reasonably designed as there are sound uses of steel rigidity and strength. They are easy to be erected and dismantled during the construction and the erection efficiency is quite high. So a lot of time and work force can be saved and reduced.

TIANDI scaffolding planks for sale
The tubular scaffolding system shall be erected from one end to the other and the erection of the down lift scaffold shall be precedent that of the upper lift scaffold. All the foundation of the frame tubular scaffold shall be pressed and leveled and measures to avoid any water accumulation shall be taken. A facile water drainage ramp is a better choice.

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