The requirements on the bridging brace in frame scaffolds.

Time: 2019-03-25
There many scaffolding parts in the system, including the scaffolding walk board, the bridging braces and the many other scaffolding parts, etc.

The scaffolding bridging braces are the important ones that connect the directions transversely and vertically. In order to keep the scaffold body in normal working shape, there shall set a line of bridging braces outside the vertical facades for the single and double line of scaffolding of height below 24 meters. The bridging braces shall be erected successively from the bottom to the top. The net distance between the intermediate braces shall be within 15 meters. 

For the double line of scaffolding whose height is over 24 meters, the bridging braces shall be erected alongside the scaffolding to the full length and height. The erection of the frame scaffold shall be on the same level at a same span so the vertical shape of the scaffold will be the rectangles. 

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