What are the requirements for building the cantilevered scaffold?

Time: 2019-03-22
Choose the right way to build a scaffold is the best way to increase the safety level at the working site, minimize all the potential risks that will endanger workers’ life and health.

Below are the tips on how to build a scaffold:
Scheme the special construction plan according to the project features and application requirements, and make special design for the frame body of special sizes. If there is a need to change the size of the frame body due to the alteration of the project structure, a special dealing plan shall be made out. Implement the organization structure and the on-site workers amount according to the construction project requirements.

Make sampling check for all the erecting material of the scaffolds, the amounts, specification of the facilities, check for the quality certification. The scaffolding tubes shall be sleek and straight without any cracks, fissures, bends or curves. All of these shall be treated with anti-rust. The maximum of the bending deflection ratio on the standing tubes shall be no more than L/500.

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