Features and manufacturing processes of the pressed couplers.

Time: 2019-03-22
The scaffolding couplers are featured as higher safety, quality assurance, brand effect, and save a lot of time and money for its rental business.

The scaffolding couplers are with strong anti-slip strength, which can assure the close cohesive inter-surface between the steel tubes and the couplers as the matching area is big enough to overcome all the traditional scaffolding defects and pitfalls, eradicating all the potential sliding risks.

What’s more, the couplers are also strong in anti-deformation reaction. Compared with common steel plate pressed couplers, the scaffolding couplers has broke the thickness limit of 3.5mm in terms of traditional pressing process and expanded the limit to 5mm. Hence no deformation will be assured to make sure the safety use and recycle of the products.

Finally, they are also facile to be maintained with strong anti-rust capacity. All of the couplers are double galvanized and passivated, so their working life has been greatly elongated which have already surpassed that of the steel scaffolding couplers. 

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