The urban buildings with ultimately optimized space occupation.

Time: 2019-03-21
Narrowness and crampness sometimes means charming and attraction to people but also arouse fears in people’s mind. Most of us hope we can expand our sightseeing in front of their window as wide as possible. However one’s poison is another’s favor. Some of us even think the compact apartment whose area is smaller than a common bathroom has some unique glamour, forcing them to unveiling its secrecy. With the rocketing housing price, the available construction space in the urban NY and Tokyo is increasingly more urgent. In order to settle these issues, the architects are sparing no efforts in find the best solutions to explore for the innovated way to utilize the modern urban space to the best.

The slanting New York.
Rem Koolhaa has reviewed the traditional high leveled building of No 23, 22nd Road, NY from a bantering perspective. Such construction which is still under construction is depicted as the luxury high level apartment intermingled in the congested culture. It uses the cantilevered scaffolding structure for sale, broke the block space limit, and shapes like a passenger who is squeezing his body poise on the subway, twisting his bodies to one side. 

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