The materials used for making the mobile scaffold.

Time: 2019-03-21
The mobile scaffold materials include the bamboo, the wood, the steel tubes or the synthetic materials. The scaffolds in some projects are used as formworks and for most cases, the scaffolds are widely used in the industries of advertising, the municipal administration, the traffic and bridge, and the mining. As basic fundamental construction facilities, the mobile scaffolds are widely adopted in the various kinds of projects, acting as a great auxiliary role.

In the beginning, the mobile scaffold is a scaffold kind with a single specification, using steel tubes with one specification such as the coupler tubular scaffold uses the electrical welded tubes whose diameter is 48*3.5mm.

Then, the mobile scaffolding system changed into a multiple specified steel tubes, which are made up of steel tubes with more than 2 kinds such as the frame scaffolding.

Finally, the scaffolding system evolved into the scaffolding kinds with the dominant material of steel tubes, i.e., the main material is the steel tubes while other type steels and braces will be used for auxiliary parts.

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