How can a skyscraper be without any sunshade?

Time: 2019-03-21
The available land area is becoming smaller and smaller with the expansion process of cities, leaving no other choice than to build the houses higher and higher.

Even if the best way to use the land is to build some skyscrapers, they will also project huge shades, overwhelming the lives of residents and stores without any chance to get a slim of the sunshine.

However, there will always come out one solution in the end. Some proposals say the skyscraper can be built in pairs to minimize each other’s shade size. It has been said about 250 high buildings have affect the daylight sunshine of the whole London City and its skyline will be re-molded.

The NBBJ Construction Company in London plans to build skyscrapers erected by the scaffolding for construction free of any sunshade. By using the computer , they designed a pair of buildings whose external walls are in the shape of curved mirror. The external mirror wall on the most north side will reflect the sunshine to the shade area behind the southern building.

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