How to erect the movable scaffolding correctly?

Time: 2019-03-18
At present market, the most frequently used scaffolding types are their elements and accessories, which feature in high efficiency, fast erection speed,fixed and fastened property.

Different scaffolding types can be used for different purpose for different construction projects, the types include the frame scaffolding, the ringlock scaffolding, the cuplock scaffolding system. All of these scaffoldings shall be erected and built according to the requirement codes and standards.

All the erection precautions shall be taken into consideration and be attached with great importance in case of any accidents or risks happened.

In the first place, all the elements and accessories shall be known with their features and properties before the erection and building as well as the attentions and focus which shall be kept in mind, thus to improve the working efficiency and safety ratio. All the employers shall be trained for the skills and techniques by competent personnel.

The ground base of the shoring braces shall be stamped to be solid enough. All the weighted materials shall be stacked by piles to allocate the total weight into small units.

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