Tips on how to maintain the movable scaffold.

Time: 2019-03-15
At each end of the working time, do a well clean off over the cantilever platforms, steel wires and the hanging structures for rubbish, painting and some adhesive plasters on the surface.

Anti-water and anti-moisture measures shall be taken on the scaffolidng 2015  to avoid any short circuit of the electricity because of the water or moisture sink in. Keep the surplus steel wires and coils well after stopping using the scaffold.

All the wire coils and dismantled elements shall be kept in a good way by different types to avoid any mould, corrosion, deformation or loss.

Regarding the lock pins of the safety lock, after each use, the spring shall be processed with anti-skid and anti-corrosion methods to keep the spring working as flexible as possible. Lubricate the lock pin once a month.

The speed reduction cabin and the transmission gearing shall be changed for its lubrication after being used for three months and then
be added with lubrication once a month.

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