What is the function of the tie member?

Time: 2019-03-15
The tie member of the frame scaffolding belongs to an element, which functions as a fixation part. The connection between the tie members and the reinforced elements shall meet the requirements below: The scaffolding components of the couplers specification shall comply with the external diameter of the steel tubes; the torque value of the coupler bolts shall be 45-65N.m with the maximum value of 40N.m; the extrusion length of each tube and brace over the coupler covers shall be no less than 100mm. The installation of the tie members shall also comply with requirements as follows:

The installation of the tie member shall be synchronized with that of the scaffold; and for the operation platform of the scaffold is about 2 lifts higher than the adjacent tie members, measures of the reinforcement shall be taken temporarily until the end of the tie member installation. The erection of the scaffolding system shall match the whole construction process and the erection height at any one time shall be no higher than 3 lifts over the tie members of the scaffold top.

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