How to prevent the scaffolding high falling accidents?

Time: 2019-03-14
What buying scaffolding prices ranges to the quality and assembly crafts of the scaffolding elements is to the safety ratio of the scaffolding ranges to its price. 

Despite the fact that high scaffolding price brings with higher scaffolding quality, there is one point we shall keep in mind: the measure to prevent the accidents can be taken in the same manner.

Regarding the prevention of high fall accidents, the measures of building the standing tubes, big transverse tubes and setting the
intermediate space according to the standard requirements will for sure achieve positive effects. 

What’s more, in order to stop such accidents from happening, we can do some other precautions. There shall be no gap space between the planks and the planking volum shall be more than 3 pieces. 1.2 meters of handrails and 18cm toe board shall be set on the operation level to prevent any falling down accidents. Downside the operation level there shall be set up safety mesh and it shall be firmly and sturdy tied to each other and to the
building body.

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