Key points on the scaffolding constructions.

Time: 2019-03-14
Most of the scaffoldings, according to the JGJ231-2010 issued by Housing and Urban and Rural Development Bureau, are made up of vertical tubes and transverse tubes with reasonable combination of coupler joints.

The intended working load is delivered through standing tubes, which can assure the whole scaffolding body’s working in a stable status. The whole scaffolding system is equipped with an auto-locked function, greatly improving the working strength and safety ratio and further meet the requirements on safety construction works.

To maintain the optimized effects, the scaffold shall be pre-designed for its line-settle coordinates. And Make sure the shear ledges and all the connecting tubes can be well set to make sure the whole scaffolding body of enough working stability and anti-turning over

After the completion of the frames, enough number of shear ledgers shall be erected to make sure the scaffolding have enough stable ratios. To optimize this, enough transverse tubes shall be erected between the space of 300-500 mm from the jack head to the transverse tubes of the frame body.

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