The preparations before erecting ringlock scaffolds.

Time: 2019-03-13
No matter in the large scale construction projects like tunnels, bridges, high level buildings or in the small construction types of stages and viewing stands, the ringlock scaffolding is one of the most common available tools.

As a matter of fact, there should be a preliminary preparation stage for all kinds of material tools including the ringlock scaffolding.

There shall be a design for all the ringlock scaffold parts to calculate how big the area is and how many accessories and elements will be used in the ringlock scaffolding system. 

For the newly employed scaffolders, there shall be a competent person to give them training lessons and before each construction started, the technicians shall communicate with the workers to enable them to recognize the  hazards associated with this type of equipment and the performance of their duties related to this scaffold.

Before the assembly of all the elements, the technical safety advisor shall organize an inspection and check for all the ringlock scaffold elements and accessories to avoid any unqualified products to be used in the operation.

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