Requirements on how to use ringlock scaffolds.

Time: 2019-03-13
There are specialized standards and requirements on how to use the ringlock scaffold. Only those be met can the stability and fixation of the scaffold can be assured, and accidents be prevented.

Specially for a scaffolder who has more than often the chance to use the ringlock scaffolding, it is more imperial for him to master the
knowledge of such scaffolds for the sake of optimize the products advantages as well as protecting himself from any dangers or injuries.

For one thing, when bought from the ring lock supplier, as for the ringlock scaffolding storage, the stacking house of the ringlock
scaffolding shall be located near the construction site to save time and working force to reach them.

For other thing, before moved onto the working site, every elements of the scaffold shall be checked to see if there are any deforms, corrosion, dents or bends. And any defected elements shall be rejected or repaired before move into the working site.

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