What is the standard span between standing tubes?

Time: 2019-03-13
TIANDI group, as a most professional ring lock scaffolding manufacturer in China has always devoting its energy in cutting out
products with prominent influence in the peer industry of construction.

It can give you some tips on how to set a standard span between the standing tubes.

As we all know that the span between the standing tubes refers to an axial distance between two adjacent standing tubes. When erecting the scaffolding system on the construction site, how to set a standard space between the standing tubes comes as the top priority for the scaffolders. Generally speaking, the span is set as 1.5 meters, and this number can be altered according to the actual building outskirts and usage. Special attention shall be paid to the innermost line of standing tubes in the ringlock scaffolding system, whose distance to the wall surface shall be 0.4meters and as for the outermost line of the standing, its space to the wall surface shall be 1.9 meters.

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