Do you know any about the ringlock scaffold components?

Time: 2019-03-12
The ringlock scaffolding components include the standing tubes, the horizontal tubes and the slant tubes. And the structure of the ringlock joints consist of the connection plates welded on the standing tubes, the horizontal tube joints and the slant tube joints.

The connection plate is always round shaped or regular octagon shaped. Of course, there are some other connecting shapes for the ringlock scaffolding to save time and working force and improve the working efficiency. Among all the connecting plate types, the round type without any openings on the plate and the round type with openings are the most popular in the project applications.

The plates with openings are features with large opening holes on the plates. The shape of the plate is round while the shape of the connecting holes to the slant tubes is sectoral with a relatively small area, thus helping to increase the stability of the slant tubes. 

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