Key assurance to the scaffolding safety.

Time: 2019-03-11
The safety issues of the construction scaffold always come with the top priority during the whole construction process.

Many of the accidents will always come to happen out of the blue, causing a large loss of life and cost for both the construction entity and the contractor. Then how to try to avoid such miserable accidents from happening again remains the biggest issued listed the top in
the working guidelines. Below comes some industrial suggestion from TIANDI Group:

Focus on the development of new types of scaffolds and to make sure all the constructing process in a safe and secured fashion. By the end of 1950s, there is a wide application of ringlock scaffolding in construction projects and it had led a dominant role in all the scaffolding products in the construction project in the late 1970s. However, it also caused many casualty and death accidents at the working sites.  

Later at the beginning of 80s, there propped up many new types of scaffolds such as the H frame scaffolds, the folded scaffolds, the cuplock scaffold, the ring lock scaffolding system and the socket and spigot scaffolding system, which have already been put into use until now. 

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