The main reasons affect the scaffold safety.

Time: 2019-03-07
The safety of scaffold comes with priority in all the construction projects. What factors can impose great influence on it? Here comes some professional advice sourced from TIANDI Group, including the safety of the scaffold itself, the safety protective measures taken for
the scaffold and the instruction on how to use scaffold safely.

In regard to the safety of the scaffold itself, the scaffold shall have enough stability and firmness, which can ensure the scaffold to provide security and safety without any swinging, tilting, sinking or toppling under any working load and weather. The structural frames shall be stable and firm and shall be set with slant tubes, ledgers, tie members or shoring and dragging elements. For the passages, hole openings and other places that require enlarging structural sizes, tubes set with shall be with different reinforced scaffolding tube sizes, including the propping tubes.

The choice of the tube crossing joints shall comply with the joints structural requirement, so does the installation of the tie members and fixation equipment. The points of tie members, propping and suspension shall be set at the right place where can sustain the pulling and
propping working load in a reliable way. 

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