Japan is optimistic about Indonesia shipping industry.

Time: 2019-03-06
Changshi holding company, the Japanese ship-manufacturing and shipping company plans to invest 40 million dollars in Indonesian ship-repairing industry. It is noted that there are two phases in this investment plan: the first phase is for the repairing business accounting
for 40 million dollars and then expand to the second phase of ship-manufacturing business.

At present, there is a need of more than 1000 ships for passengers, for fishing and for patrolling and only 30% of them can be satisfied by local ship-manufacturing capacity. It is estimated that the total annual turnover of Indonesian shipping industry will amount to 20
billion dollars. To give more incentive to spur the development of marine transportation industry, the government has already issued new financial subsidiary plans and policies.

During the construction of shipping industry, there will also be a great want of scaffold steel pipe, which is more flexible in building structures and more versatile for different purposes.

TIANDI is one of the most qualified suppliers in China for scaffolding tube for sale. It has already enjoyed a long term stable partnership with many Indonesian companies and firms for its scaffolding products are always with the best durability and safety. 

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