What is the frame scaffold with tubes?

Time: 2019-03-06
The frame scaffold with tubes is one of the scaffold kinds, which can be erected on site, already enjoying a widest application around the world. There are three major usage of the frame scaffold, i.e. used as the external scaffold system, the full scaffold system and the internal scaffold system. The frame scaffold is made of regular steel tubes, consisting of a set of frames, two sets of ledger bracing, one set of transverse beam frame and four connecting pins.

The frame scaffolding enjoys a high stability and a reasonable structure, which can sustain certain load bearing as it takes good advantage of the rigidity property of the steel materials. It is easy in erection and dismantlement, saving a lot of time and working force as well as saving cost.

However, every coin has two sides, so does the frame scaffolding system. The cross bracing at the joint points is more liable to be ruptured and the frame structure has no flexibility at all. Any minor changes on the size of the frame make it a necessity to change for another set of frame scaffolding and relevant accessories. 

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