Safety requirements on cantilevered tube scaffold.

Time: 2019-03-05
Before its real start of erecting, the requirements on cantilevered tube scaffold safety shall be well communicated and familiarized with.

Below are the details of requirements:
A prudent inspection and acceptance shall be carried out about the scaffolding tube, coupler, steel wire and plank and board. It is
forbidden to use those which failed to pass the quality check.

Elements and accessories accepted shall be staged and stocked by product kinds and specifications. There shall be no accumulation of
water at the staging site.

All employees who erect, disassemble, move, operate, repair, maintain, or inspect the scaffold shall be trained by a competent person to recognize the hazards associated with this type of equipment and the performance of their duties related to this scaffold. Employees shall wear personnel protective equipments such as personal floating devices, gloves, fall protection harnesses and equipment. All the tools shall be tied with nylon wires to prevent it from dropping.

All the all tubular scaffolding shall be erected matching with the whole construction process. Its erection height at one time shall be lower than adjacent tie members about 2 lifts.

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