Why use mobile scaffolding for your construction?

Time: 2019-03-05
The mobile scaffolding is the most widely used construction tool on the site. Its features are:

Safe and reliable;

Has an integrated set: including scaffolding plank, paralleled brace, coupler, transverse and crossing scaffolding tube which are for the use of locking vertically and horizontally;

Has a reasonable bearing load capacity: the main bearing parts are the standing tubes, able to meet requirements during construction process;

Has a high fire proof ratio: most of the main frames and elements are made of steel.
Low cost and wide range of applications.

The mobile scaffold can be recycled to use more than 30 times, which is insurmountable when compared with wood scaffolds.

The weight of mobile scaffolds used in per construction area is lower than that of tube scaffolding about 50% and the cost of the mobile scaffold is half the tube scaffolding and 1/3 of wood scaffold. It has high working efficiency, the higher the building is, the higher the return rate.

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