How to choose a safety scaffolding plank?

Time: 2019-02-27
As an indispensible element in the scaffolding system, steel scaffolding board is playing an increasing important role in securing safety when constructing the scaffolding system. Then how can one choose a best boards or planks? Hot galvanized scaffolding planks may be a choice.

In a traditional construction system, the most common planks are made of wood or bamboo, which are combustible and apt to be damaged, having caused a large amount of healthy accidents. As a result, a lot of treasury has been lost and safety ratio has been cut down sharply. What’s more, timber scaffolding planks or wood ones which can’t be recycled to use, have already add another quota of impairment to the environment. Seeing from this perspective, it is an absolute trend to substitute wood planks with steel ones.

Among the steel scaffolding boards, the most popular one is the hot galvanized kind, which is symbolized as light weighted, anti-erosive, anti-skidding and clear cutting shaped. What’s more, it is also featured as beautiful in design and durable under any working conditions. The special borehole design makes the planks a sound water drainage property, from which amassed water can be leaked to reduce the plank weight, make it possible for scaffolding planks to work in any weather conditions.

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