How can use TIANDI step ladder safely?

Time: 2019-02-26
TIANDI, as the leading manufacturer and supplier of  scaffolding for sale in China over decades, has always put safety of customers as priorities. Here below are its professional suggestions on how to use steel step ladder safely.

A. chooses an appropriate type of steel step ladders for your work. Enough height will make you work at a comfortable position. By the way, standing on its top to work is not allowed during all the working time. If working under hazardous circumstances like in electronic or gas station, it is better and safer to choose insulation ladders or dry wooden ladders.

B. double checks before application of TIANDI steel step ladders. Check for if there is any deformation of ladders and stairs, or any damage or any other loose of nails and nuts. Two ends of the fixed dragging tubes or safety lines which are tied to ladders shall be fixed and fastened to diagonal tubes and braces. At the bottom of ladders’ feet shall set with anti-skidding covers.

Should there be any damages or cracks on ladder, measures shall be taken immediately to repair and renew. Painting is not allowed on wooden ladders as it will cover some defaults and deficiencies. Checking of the ground situation for if it is even and solid is prior to setting up ladders. What’s more, there shall be no sharp objects obtrusive on the ground around the ladder.

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