How can you install acrow props?

Time: 2019-02-25
Acrow props are of two terminals, one is fixed, the other flexible and an intermediate part. Most of acrow props will be customized and installed on site to be fit for actual requirements on sectional width variations and diagonal shoring length. In the steel shoring system the main three parts include steel tubes, steel purlines and triangle shoring brackets with its accessories.

Shoring system in the first phase will be supported by embedded parts on top beams; in the second and third phases, shoring system will be erected by steel purlines.

For acrow prop installation, in the beginning, steel tubes shall be prepared according to the measurement of the foundation ditch at the site. If there is any need to extend the length of steel tubes, terminals of tubes can be connected with flange plates and then diagonally fixed by bolts at different levels in sequences.

There shall be a scrutinized check of the acrow props which has been extended or assembled for straight ratio and rectangular ratio. Variations between the axial lines of the two ends shall be no less than 20mm. Qualified acrow props shall be marked with numbers to avoid mistakes in application.

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