Acrow props of the Water Cubic

Time: 2019-02-25
Acrow props can be seen on many construction sites and are used to support a structure or transfer a load. Construction props are typically used to support concrete formwork while the concrete is curing or to support a roof or overhead structure while removing, replacing or repairing a wall or other supporting structure. They are easy to position and are fully adjustable within the height range of the prop.

Acrow props capacity has fully been embodied in the construction of the Water Cubic which is a main competition site during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The real dismantlement of the acrow props system in this site made the extensively steel-made structure transform from a virtue blueprint into a real construction project entity. Following this dismantlement will be other construction items including formwork building, internal decoration and machine and electricity installation.

The total amount of acrow prop used in Water Cubic amounted to 30,513 pieces with a total usage of 6,700 tons steel.

It took almost one year to complete the installation of the acrow props around the construction, starting from June of 2005 to April of 2006 when the steel structure was capped from the top.  

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