Calls for benign development in scaffold industry

Time: 2019-02-25
With a rocketing development of domestic construction in China, there are frequent occurrences of falling down accidents caused by false products and unqualified products every now and then, tolling the bells to curb the current high-speed developmental momentum without pay any cares on quality assurance including providing high quality scaffolding frame. The current state of industry development is China has been the one which uses the largest amount of scaffolding products around the world, but there still lies a long way for China to go to be a leading power in manufacturing the scaffolding products with higher leveled safety, efficiency and optimized quality to improve and promote the safety on the construction site.

Since the 1990s, Chinese scaffolding industries have entered into a phase labeling as high speed development, output amount surmounts from 460,000tons in 2000to 11,789,000tons in 2010. TIANDI, as the largest exporter in China, has also witnessed this development torrent and also played an important part in pushing this trend forward. Its director, Mr You Yanming, however, pointed out there also lies great potential safety hazards behind the glorious this curtain, most of which are caused by lack of sufficient quality assurance in the scaffolding system and formwork system.

In order to curb this vicious phenomenon from spreading and deteriorating, the priority at present is to regulate the industry market; we shall secure the safety of the workers with qualified and efficient products.

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