Tips for building full scaffold

Time: 2019-02-22
For the sake of frame scaffold safety, spans and space between frame scaffolds in full scaffolding system shall be determined according to actual loads and net space shall be lower than 1.2m.

Height and width ratio of full scaffold shall be lower than 4 and erection height shall be lower than 30m.

For the structural design of full scaffold, standing tubes of the frame scaffold shall be set with brackets and joists so as to deliver loads directly. For the joists on the standing tubes of frame scaffold, it shall be of enough anti-bending capacity and rigidity.

On each side of standing tubes in each lift height shall be set with transverse reinforcing tubes longitudinally and vertically and shall be fixed and fastened with frames by couplers.

For full scaffolding whose erecting height is below 12m, the bridging braces shall be successively set around the scaffold. A vertical bridging brace shall be set between the transverse space and vertical space within a distance of 8m inside the scaffolds and transverse bridging braces shall be successively set on the scaffold top.

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