What are the features of acrow props?

Time: 2019-02-22
Acrow props for sale consist of slab formwork shoring system, frame column formwork shoring system and ledger wall formwork shoring system. It is labeled as flexible in composition and coherent in connection, enabling themselves can be customized according to actual needs.

Major acrow props features:

1. Short time to prepare formwork material with high accuracy

TIANDI formwork calculation software can calculate out the quantity of needed material used in formwork system in a fast and accurate way to relieve the construction workers from the heavy working duties and it can also save amounting to 8% formwork material.

2. Replace wood with steel to save wood resource.

The major and secondary keels of formwork adopt steel material featuring thin wall thickness, which can perfectly replace the use of timber from the traditional formwork system, promoting the material function by improving working expectancy as well as saving the wood resource.

3. Standardization of major elements for a wider availability in real application.

Lengths of major and secondary keels are calculated according to standardized data. They can randomly match with each other in various sizes and can be reused in multiple projects.

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