Description about scaffolding elements application

Time: 2019-02-22
Frame scaffolding products have become vital and essential construction tools in every construction project. They are made up of a number of small elements and components. Different parts come with different applications and play different roles in the whole scaffolding system. Here we give you some detailed application descriptions of scaffolding elements. Take a reference here.

Vertical frame is a basic element of scaffolding and meant to bear all other elements of the structure. The lower part of it is bearing.

There are centering elements for the frames to be mounted one into another. A channel in the upper part of the vertical frame is used for mounting of ladders and frames. There are three self fixing pins on the vertical frame: two of which are used for installation of guard rails and the third one – for installation of diagonal elements.

Frame scaffold application, placed on a channel of frame, is designed to ensure rigidity of scaffolding structure in longitudinal plane and mounting of decks on it.

Frame removal before scaffolding dismantling is strictly prohibited. Bottom cross brace is used for frames to be placed on it.

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