Do you know the structure of ball screwjack?

Time: 2019-02-20
Ball screwjack is an ideal product which transforms the rotary movements into linear movement or vise versa.

Structure of ball screwjack: includes internal circular structure (see round shaped invertor and rectangular invertor) and external circular structure (see inserted tube), which are the most common structure that can be found without difference in essence. The only difference between these two lies in the installation size of the external circular structure is smaller than that of the external one.

Up to now, there are more than 10 kinds of ball screw jacks, among which the quite popular kinds are: internal circular structure, external circular structure, end cover structure, cover plate structure.

The ball screw jack is made up of screw rod, nuts and ball. Its function of making rotary movement into linear movement in a sense is an extension and development of ball screw, whose essence is to change the working status of rotary of the bearing into sliding status. Due to its small friction force, ball screwjack has been widely used in various industrial equipments and precise instruments.

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