Erection preparation for scaffolding ring lock

Time: 2019-02-19
First of all, let us take a look at preparation for the construction of scaffold ring lock system.

1 before the start of construction for formworks system and scaffolding ring lock system, a special construction plan shall be composed and made     into form detailing the condition of construction objects, ground base bearing capacity and erecting height limit as well as well relative requirements stated in regulation memorandums. Only with an approval for whereas mentioned above can the construction be put in practice.

2 only professional and qualified persons who have passed the special tests and obtained professional training courses can operate the erecting work. Before the start erecting formworks and scaffolding, construction administrative personnel shall acquaint the workers with related techniques and safety requirements.

3 steel tube frames and members and components shall be double checked before being delivered into working site.

4 qualified members and components being inspected and accepted shall be conserved and stock by kind and specification with a label for further use at the staging place with quantity and specification indicated on the label.

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