Tie members in ring lock scaffolding

Time: 2019-02-19
Tie members are indispensible elements in ring lock scaffolding system. Below come with many requirements on how to erect tie members to make sure the stability and firmness of the whole scaffolding system.

a) tie members shall be flexible braces which can bear pulling working force and they shall be in the same vertical line with the standing surface of scaffold and the wall body. Tie members on the same level shall be erected at one platform with a distance less than 3 spans between each of them and a distance less than 300mm to the external side of main body.
b) tie members shall be erected next to ringlock joints with slant braces nearby. Distance from ringlock joints to connection points shall be less than 300mm; if steel couplers are used as tie braces, the joints between braces and standing tubes shall be angular couplers connection.
c) if it is not available to erect tie members downside the scaffolding temporarily, it is better to extend the scaffolding body to erect multi-line scaffold and also build diagonal braces to form appendage ladder formwork in a slant shape outside the scaffolding.

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