What advantages the ringlock system scaffolds have?

Time: 2019-02-18
Ringlock system scaffolds, as new kinds of scaffold system used in construction projects, have many advantages other scaffold products do not have.

a) steel tubes in ringlock system can employ pins and spigots at their ends, which can help to make it more convenient and easier to assemble and dismantle. Thus the construction process of this kind can be 3 times faster than a traditional one.

b) save the use of couplers to avoid the lost and missing of components.

c) available to add height on the original height bases, if needed and it can also be used in high prop formworks system.

d) a higher firm ratio and rigidity, sound performance in the stability.

e) steel tubes are galvanized with electrophoretic coating or treated with water soluble paint which are more environmental friendly than chemical painting treatment.

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