Construction tips of ring lock system

Time: 2019-02-18
When erecting the ring lock system scaffolding, we shall put into practice these following steps to make sure the safety of the whole scaffolding system.

Preparation before construction

1 make sure all the codes of construction safety and technical data have been checked and known by all related personnel and staff.

2 it is a necessity for all site management personnel and construction workers to learn the safety regulation of ring lock system scaffold and also the construction drawings.

3 transport all ringlock scaffold formworks materials into site and stack them at the right stage as designed.

Construction deployment

To calculate all quantities each working area need according to detailed drawings of section plane and joints structure, construction plan, construction organization design, planes, vertical planes of the form body. Mark the room numbers in the plane and conduct all construction process according to the formwork accessory drawings and quantities needed in the erection construction of each room.

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